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Our software solution is an intersection of Digital Information Assets Management and Visualisation-based Data Discovery, designed to help companies reveal their Digital Assets.
The platform allows end-users to easily explore complex, BigData-like environments. MOSAIK helps them to access significant information and to understand it quickly while also providing semantic rendering.

Designed for capturing and extracting data, also enhancing and connecting it

Building APIs for connected data access

Supervising and governing data assets

Assisting information search, discovery and navigation, also accessing information by using different visualisations (diagrams, networks, maps, timeline, 3D…)

MOSAIK 4C3 is a platform dedicated to information indexation, access, visualization, exploration and discovery.

“Because the digital information assets of your company entail its responsibility”
The original approach of MOSAIK 4C3 combines method and tools, with the efficient Arcateg by Archive17 method, the Cogniva C3 tool and the MOSAIK platform edited by

The originality of MOSAIK 4IX0 is to provide linked 1D-2D-3D engineering information, directly in the browser and without plug-in.

instant3Dhub is a solution developed and maintained by Fraunhofer IGD / Visual Systems Computing System Group, specialized in the field of virtual/augmented reality and visualization technologies.

MOSAIK links multiple 1D, 2D and 3D data sources and enables users to explore and discover significant information through our visualization tools.

Our solutions are scalable and can be used either On Premise or Saas.
The platform is currently available on 7 languages: English, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Romanian and Russian.

Many thanks to Maud, Mickaël and Yulia for helping us with the translation!