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If you find yourself in one of the following situations, learn how we can help you:

I don’t have a Classification Scheme
I do have a Classification Scheme

I don’t have a Classification Scheme

In this case, it is most probable that you encounter difficulties to retrieve your documents, to know which document goes where or for how long it needs to be retained. You lack both Time and Information quality and you need method.
Archive17’s Arcateg ™ is a revolutionary method designed by Marie-Anne Chabin to manage records at risk in the enterprise. The principle is : a content + a retention risk  = a lifecyle and retention rule.
Arcateg ™ describes and codifies a set of 100 rules of corporate and business information lifecycle, able to meet all situations:
  • whatever the activity of the company,
  • its history,
  • whatever the information support.
Rather than starting from scratch, start according to Best Practices!
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I do have a Classification Scheme

In this case, in theory you should be able to retrieve your documents. But you might have several containers and your users do not know which one should be used and when! By the way, did you think about retention duration? And within such a transverse environment, are you able to gather all the information you need?

Our non intrusive solution, MOSAIK4C3 offers you both method and tools, embedding

– C3 : a tool that allows you to implement and leverage your classification plan while redirecting your files to the right storage container. And it doesn’t matter if you are using Sharepoint, OpentText, FileNet or other ECM solution on the marketplace. Indeed, depending upon its quality, a document will be automatically routed to the appropriate destination.
– MOSAIK : our platform providing accurate information rendering and visualization, no matter where they are filed.
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