MOSAIK4C3 Desktop proudly announces the release of its new MOSAIK4C3 Desktop application, dedicated to C3 users – a solution edited by our Canadian partner Cogniva Information Solutions.

The application allows C3 model super users to view and explore facets, nodes, and other objects contained within C3 model. Among the main features of this version:
– ability to work offline: no need to connect to a server, MOSAIK4C3 desktop simply needs a ZIP file containing a C3 model.
data explorers: different visualizations available (network, diagram, cards or grid) allowing to display C3 model objects – such as facets, nodes, semantic relations etc … and by doing so, to better identify the impact of any changes
parallel display modes (Multi and Sync) designed to help you compare the data you are interested in
– and several user-friendly features allowing you to customize the display (switch from one view to another, screenshots, favorite views, whiteboard).

With MOSAIK4C3, you can preview your C3 model like never before! At this time, the application is available in English and French.

For any additional information about the product, please contact us using our website.