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MOSAIK.LY is a Data Governance software editor, offering user-friendly data visualisation, exploration and discovery solution. Head-quarted in Paris, our commercial partnerships allow us to address European and North-American customers.

Mosaik.ly launches a series of White Papers on “Data Governance”


In partnership with Arcateg and Cogniva Information Solutions, Mosaik.ly initiated, in late 2018, the publication of a series of White Papers concerning Data Governance. To learn more, please go to our Publications section (in French only, at least for the time being) - we wish you good reading!

Mosaik.ly launches a series of White Papers on “Data Governance”2019-07-18T13:07:55+00:00

Mosaik.ly Provides a Data Governance Diagnostic Tool!


To make your Data Governance projects easier, we have created a tool helping you to diagnose a set of key topics concerning Data Governance - focusing on non-structured data (French only). You can download it and fill in using the instructions on the first page, or contact us if you need support.

Mosaik.ly Provides a Data Governance Diagnostic Tool!2019-07-18T13:08:05+00:00

Data Governance event


Our "Data Governance" event took place on Tuesday, 5th of June 2018. Arcateg presentations by Marie-Anne Chabin, C3 by Yves Marleau and MOSAIK by Samuel Parfouru were very appreciated by the attendants - about one hundred persons. We thank you all for coming! For more information, visit the special page dedicated to the event (in French).

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