Why Mosaik.ly?

At MOSAIK.LY we assemble the information mosaic of your company with the aim of reconnecting your data. We provide you with visualization interfaces that allow you to create by yourself your own data views mosaic whenever you need it. And in order to do this, we deploy a mosaic of skills, partnerships and technologies!

Our Values

End-user focus:

Our IT solutions are dedicated to business users and we do our best to make user-friendly all the interfaces of our solutions, and to bring all the information you expect with just a few clicks.


Our approach is pragmatic, in order to bring tangible results for our customers, while defining the use of our solutions. Most of the time we offer you to start with a Proof of Concept in order to avoid the tunnel effect and allow you to imagine more concretely all the uses you can make out of MOSAIK.

Team spirit:

We believe in the synergies and we bring you different skills and backgrounds composing the mosaic of our team. We work together with our clients, for the success of our joint projects. We rely on your feedback to always enhance our solutions.

Represented in Paris, Ottawa and Geneva through our technological and commercial partnerships, our offer is global and our ambitions are international. We cultivate our start-up spirit and are proud to belong to the FrenchTech community!

François GUERIN

Chief Operating Officer

Versatile profile with strong commercial and technical skills, he has been working on IT projects for the last 25 years (consulting, implementation, project management). He is also manages several partnerships with French and international companies (United States, Canada, Switzerland). Holder of several IBM professional certifications.

Maria-Gabriela HOZA
Chief Executive Officer

Senior project manager, consultant and trainer, she has contributed since 2003 to many collaborative projects of companies located in France and Europe (Norway, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, etc). Formerly researcher and teacher, Doctor in IT Strategies for Business. Several IBM certifications (collaborative solutions for companies).


Defining himself as a “Swiss Army knife”, he is a multidisciplinary profile, combining engineering and human sciences in his daily practice. He has worked for 10 years at the university and became PhD in Networks, Knowledge and Organization since 2008.

Our Partners